Bienvenidos a Chippendales es la serie que tienes que ver si sientes curiosidad por el origen del primer club de stripteases masculino ideado para mujeres en Los Ángeles y la turbulenta historia que esconde el éxito del local más emblemático de los 90 en USA.

I approached this story because it starred Kumail Nanjiani, I will not deny it. I am an aferrima fan of Silicon Valley and seeing his name on the bill invited me to browse the trendy place in the 90s, Chippendales. And while the trip has been fun, it hasn’t been as satisfying as I expected.

Welcome to Chippendales, Ending Explained

Welcome to Chippendales: Ending Explained

In an era when it is fashionable to tell stories that include the rise and fall of great men and women of success, it was the turn of Chippendales and its owner and creator, Steve Banerjee. He was the man who invented in the 80s the concept of strip clubs with dancers instead of women and he is also the man who had to give up life so as not to lose his appreciated company.

Welcome to Chippendales, Ending Explained

But I’m not going to get into spoilers and focus on the series. I will say that it is entertaining. But I’m not going to admire his narrative. Because after having seen it all I do not know the characters, I do not know the history of Chippendales and I still do not know what happened to the pair of lovebirds that ends up dead in the first episode.

Because the series narrates specific events, anecdotes, jumping in time, without the viewer fully understanding the context of the events or the motivations of the characters. And most embarrassing of all, forcing the public to go to Wikipedia to cover the gaps that the series leaves.

Welcome to Chippendales, Ending Explained

Kumail is extraordinary because he makes me hate the character, completely forgetting that he is Kumail, seeing only his complex Steve Banerjee, a blurred being who, like the rest of the characters, does not let himself be seen, does not let himself be understood.
Details omitted in the series that make many scenes lose their raison d’être and the obsession with telling specific anecdotes instead of a story make that in the end you do not feel or suffer anything after having seen it.
For everything else, this is an entertaining series for those looking for a story without too many complications.

Welcome to Chippendales, Ending Explained

The ending of Welcome to Chippendales is simple but terrifying, as it represents the obsession with pursuing the American dream at any cost and the utmost contempt with which society often looks at those who have not achieved it. But what Chippendales proposes is not that, but what happens when we are the ones who convince ourselves that we are nothing and nobody if we do not succeed.
That’s what happens to Steve’s first partner, who ends up taking his own life because he feels that he will never be enough for his wife in a city full of millionaires. And that’s what happens to Steve, unable to recognize his own success without the approval and admiration of others.

Welcome to Chippendales, Ending Explained

It is never enough, we are never enough and there is never too much we can do to fulfill a dream. Isn’t it? If we add to this premise the criticism of a racist and classist society, full of prejudices where everyone abuses the weakest, you have an explosive mixture in which, as in Scarface, living or dying for money is the only lifestyle known to the protagonists. Because in this story they die, kill and commit suicide for money.

Is there no hope in the Chippendales? Love is as always the only salvation, because what good is all the success in the world if you don’t have love? Also out of love they do crazy things and remain blind to what we do not want to see and that is something that the series also exposes.