The premiere of Breaking Bad El Camino has awakened the passion originated by Breaking Bad. But what role does Walter White play in Breaking Bad El Camino? How does Jesse Pinkman end up? What Breaking Bad actors appear in the movie? Discover everything you need to know about the Breaking Bad movie: The Road.

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1. Breaking Bad El Camino: Jesse Pinkman and Walter White together again

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The premiere of Breaking Bad El Camino managed to bring together the main cast of the Breaking Bad series. The reunion of Jesse and Walter, Aaron Paul and Byan Cranston was one of the best moments given by Breaking Bad El Camino.

Other prominent Breaking Bad actors gathered at the premiere of Breaking Bad El Camino were Giancarlo Esposito, Dean Norris, Betsy Brandt, Matt Jones, Krysten Ritter, Charles Baker and the artifice of everything: Vince Gilligan.

2. Breaking Bad El Camino: Breaking Bad actors reunion

Breaking Bad El Camino – Ending Explained

The premiere of Breaking Bad El Camino got us to see Jesse, Skinny Pete, and Badget together again. Or what is the same Aaron Paul, Charles Baker and Matt L. Jones.

Another of the bizarre encounters was that of Gus and Skinny Pete.

Breaking Bad El Camino - Final explicado
Breaking Bad El Camino – Ending Explained

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3. Breaking Bad El Camino: Cast Breaking Bad actors

Breaking Bad El Camino – Ending Explained

Which Breaking Bad actors appear in Breaking Bad El Camino is the great key to understanding Vince Gilligan’s movie. Although for months the big question was: Does Walter White (Bryan Cranston) appear in the Breaking Bad movie?
The film, centered on Jesse (Aaron Paul) features part of the original cast of Breaking Bad: Johanthan Banks (Mike), Larry Hankin (Old Joe), Charles Baker (Skinny Pete) and Badget (Matt L. Jones).

4. Breaking Bad El Camino: How does Jesse Pinkman end up?

Breaking Bad El Camino – Ending Explained

The end of Breaking Bad El Camino reveals Jesse Pinkman’s fate, resolving the question of where Walter White’s former partner ended up after fleeing his kidnappers and becoming a police target.

Finally, Jesse ends up in Alaska after hiring the «guy» of the vacuum cleaners in Breaking Bad for $ 250,000. Thanks to him, Jesse achieves a false identity that will allow him to embark on a new life, an opportunity that not all characters have had.

5. Breaking Bad El Camino: What happened to Brock, Andrea’s son?

Breaking Bad El Camino – Ending Explained

One of the questions that Breaking Bad left is what would be of Brock, the son of Andrea (Jesse’s girlfriend) and Jesse’s main and only reason to return to Albuquerque.

Thus, Jesse Pinkman does not get to meet on El Camino with Brock, but says goodbye to him with an emotional letter that he gives to the «guy» of the vacuum cleaners.

6. Breaking Bad El Camino: Walter White

Breaking Bad El Camino – Ending Explained

The appearance in Breaking Bad The road was always more than a must for fans of the Vince Gilligan series, since what would Breaking Bad be without Heisenberg? So, whether through flashbacks or various references, Walter White feels like the spirit of Breaking Bad El Camino.

However, finally Walter White only appears in one scene of the movie, and is, unfortunately, in flashback mode. On the scene, discuss with Jesse your possibilities for the future, in the purest Pulp Fiction style.

7. Breaking Bad El Camino: Ending Explained

Breaking Bad El Camino – Ending Explained

The expectation of knowing what happened to Jesse Pinkman and the rest of Breaking Bad’s characters originated the movie El Camino, a journey along the path that Jesse Pinkman travels until he reaches his end. But how do you interpret Breaking Bad El Camino? Undoubtedly as an annex of Breaking Bad, individual and with its own personality that although it serves to solve some issues should be taken as an addition to what is already a masterpiece of the small screen: Breaking Bad.

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