1Elite Characters: Miguel Bernardeau is Guzman

Miguel Bernardeu es Guzmán en Élite personajes

Who is Miguel Bernardeau?

Miguel Bernardeau is Guzman in Elite and the son of Ana Duato in real life. Miguel Bernadeau has been a television and film actor in ‘Tell me how it happened’, ‘Sabuesos’, ‘Unhibidos’, ‘It’s for your sake’ and ‘Ola of crimes’.

His character (Guzman) on Elite – Netflix

Guzman is the older brother of Marina in Elite, Lu’s partner, the object of Nadia’s desire and the most popular and rich boy of the institute ‘Las encinas’. Marina’s brother has been striving to protect Marina since she learned she had AIDS. For all this, Guzman will be the greatest enemy of Samuel and Nano, who in his opinion are too poor and unworthy to be with his sister.

The other woman who occupies Guzman’s life in Elite is Lu, his pretentious and classist bride. Guzman would do whatever it was for Lu and so when Lu asks him to humiliate Nadia, Guzman decides to start a game of seduction with Nadia with the aim of breaking the Palestinian girl from ‘Las encinas’. What no one could have imagined is that Guzman and Nadia would end up feeling attracted to each other.

This is how Miguel Bernardeau showed on the day of his series premiere:

personajes de elite miguel bernardeau

2Elite Characters: Itzan Escamilla is Samuel

Itzan Escamilla es Samuel en Élite personajes

Who is Itzan Escamilla?

Itzan Escamilla is Samuel in Elite. But before being one of Elite’s actors, Itzan Escamilla has appeared in ‘Six Sisters’, ‘Victor Ros’, ‘The End of the Road’ and ‘The Wire Girls’, ‘Medical Center’ and ‘The Ministry of Time’.

His character (Samuel) on Elite – Netflix

Samuel is the good, humble boy of Elite. Willing not to disown his origins, Samuel struggles to make his mark among an elite of rich and powerful students who seem to despise him for mere being poor.

However, Samuel will find love at the Institute ‘Las encinas’. Marina, the sister of her arch-enemy Guzmán, will steal the young man’s heart. However, love will not be on the side of Samuel, who will have to fight with his brother Nano for Marina’s heart. Eventually, Samuel will be devastated by Marina’s fateful fate, which ends up in Nano’s arms and murdered.

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3Elite Characters: Jaime Lorente is Nano

Personajes de Élite Netflix
Jaime Lorente

Who is Jaime Lorente?

Jaime Lorente is Nano in Elite. But before being one of Elite’s actors, Jaime Lorente has been in television and film in ‘The House of Paper’, ‘The Secret of Old Bridge’, ‘Everyone Knows It’, ‘The Shadow of the Law’ and the Netflix movie: ‘Who would you take to a desert island?’

His character (Nano) on Elite – Netflix

Samuel’s rebellious brother, an ex-convict and impossible love of Marina, is one of Elite’s great protagonists. Nano is a petty criminal who is not afraid to say what he thinks, and feels genuine contempt for authority, people with money and power.

However, despite being everything Marina’s family hates, Nano will be the object of Marina’s desire. Nano’s affair with Marina will eventually antagonise Nano with his brother Samuel and will result in Nano being arrested as a suspected Navy killer.

The actor posed this stew on the day of the series’ presentation:

4Elite Characters: Alvaro Rico is Polo

Personajes de Élite Netflix
Álvaro Rico

Who is Alvaro Rico?

Alvaro Rico is Polo in Elite. But before becoming one of Elite’s actors, Alvaro Rico was Nicolas in ‘Velvet Collection’.

His character (Polo) on Elite – Netflix

Polo presents himself in the first season of Elite as a guy with money, self-assured and sex game fan. Polo and his girlfriend Clara proved that there were no limits in their relationship, starring in a dark love triangle with Christian.

The problem for Polo came when Clara decided to leave him for Christian. Guzman’s best friend became obsessed with returning to Clara and ended up murdering Marina to help his ex-girlfriend escape the blackmail of his best friend’s sister. When Polo was aware of what he had done, he turned to Clara and Christian to confess that he was Marina’s killer.

Eventually, Nano was falsely accused of a Navy killer, and Polo, Clara and Christian pledged to keep the secret of what happened.

The actor Alvaro Rico in the presentation of the Netflix series:

5Elite Characters: Ester Expósito is Carla

Personajes de Élite NETFLIX
Ester Expósito

Who is Ester Expósito?

Ester Expósito is Carla in Elite. But what are the series and films of Esposito Esposito? ‘Medical Center’, ‘I am alive’, ‘Vis a vis’, ‘Monte lost’, ‘May God forgive us’, ‘When angels sleep’ and ‘Your son’.

Her character (Carla) on Elite – Netflix

Polo’s girlfriend, Christian’s mistress and Lu’s best friend is Elite’s most Machiavellian girl. Not only does he have fun starring in a torrid love triangle with Polo and Christian, but he doesn’t hesitate for a moment to manipulate whoever it takes to get away with it. Carla and Christian will be Polo’s accomplices in Marina’s murder, as they will help Polo hide his guilt.

This is how Ester Expósito was presented in the presentation of the Netflix series:

personajes elite miguel herran ester exposito

6Elite Characters: Mina El Hammani is Nadia

Personajes de Élite NETFLIX
Mina El Hammani

Who is Mina El Hammani?

Nadia de Elite is Mina El Hammani in Elite. But what series does Mina El Hammani appear in? National Geographic’s ‘The Prince’, ‘Serve and Protect’ and ‘The State’ were some of his previous appearances.

Her character (Nadia) on Elite – Netflix

Of Palestinian origin, Nadia is the different girl from ‘The Holm Oaks’. Due to her origins, Nadia becomes the subject of criticism and contempt from her peers. Although his real enemy will be Lu, who will do his best to prevent Nadia from achieving her goal of being the no.1 in the class.

Ambitious and intending to be a UN diplomat, Nadia must give up wearing her handkerchief, endure the taunts of the elite of ‘The Oaks’ and hide her attraction to Guzman, Lu’s boyfriend.

Actress Mina El Hammani in an elite promotion act:

7Elite Characters: Miguel Herrán is Christian

Personajes de Élite NETFLIX
Miguel Herrán

Who is Miguel Herrán?

Miguel Herrán is Christian in Elite. But where have you seen him before he was Christian in the Netflix series? Miguel Herrán won the Goya for ‘In Exchange of Nothing’, by Daniel Guzmán. Other appearances by Miguel Herrán in television and film are: ‘1898. The Last of the Philippines,’ ‘The Invisible Guardian’, ‘The Paper House’ and the future ‘Time After’.

His character (Christian) on Elite – Netflix

Christian is Samuel and Nano’s best friend. Irreverent and brazen, Christian loses his head to Clara and gets into a love trio with Clara and Polo.

However, the most awkward situation for Christian will come when he has to cover up for Polo for Marina’s murder, leaving Nano to be falsely accused of murder.

The actor also attended the promotion of the series:

8Elite Characters: Danna Paola is Lu

personajes de elite danna paola

Who’s Danna Paola?

Danna Paola is Lu in Elite. However, before being the girlfriend of Guzmán in Elite the Mexican Danna Paola has appeared in film and television: ‘Arránme la vida’, ‘The easiest thing is to complicate everything’, ‘Rayito de luz’, ‘Maria Belén’, ‘Live the children!’, ‘Pablo and Andrea’, ‘Come to dream’, ‘Who is who?’, ‘La Doña’ and ‘Joseph Joseph: The Prince of Song’. In addition, Danna Paola is a singer and participated in the theater musical ‘Hoy No Me Can Levantar’.

Her character (Lu) on Elite – Netflix

Nadia’s archnem in Elite is Lu. Young Lu is the conceited girlfriend of Guzman, who does not admit that poor students like Samuel, Nadia or Christian share classes with her in ‘The Holm Oaks’.

Lu is also the best-dened girl, which puts her on the target of Nadia, who longs to be the number 1 in the class and the love of Guzman, Lu’s boyfriend.

Danna Paola at the launch of the Netflix Elite series:

9Elite Characters: Omar Ayuso is Omar

Personajes de Élite NETFLIX
Omar Ayuso

Who is Omar Ayuso?

Omar Ayuso is Omar in Elite. But what other series has Omar Ayuso come out in before he was one of Elite’s actors? Omar Ayuso spoke in ‘The Mainland’.

His character (Omar) on Elite – Netflix

Nadia’s brother acts as an occasional camel for some of the students of ‘The Oaks’. Omar has to live under the attentive and strict gaze of his father, who is conservative and authoritarian with him and his sister.

Omar’s big secret is that he’s gay and he’s having an affair with Ander, Nadia’s classmate.

The actor wore this costume at the show’s presentation:

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10Elite Characters: Arón Piper is Ander

Personajes de Élite Netflix

Who’s Arón Piper?

Arón Piper is Ander in Elite. But what are the series and films of Arón Piper? The actor who gives life to Ander in Elite has appeared in ‘Medical Center’, ‘Maktub’, ’15 years and one day’ and ‘The split crown’ as Ferdinand of Habsburg.

His character (Ander) on Elite – Netflix

Ander is the principal’s son, a young man who feels different and tries to keep his homosexuality hidden. Or at least until Omar shows up in his life. Omar is Nadia’s brother and, like Ander, homosexual. Ander and Omar’s great impossible love story is characterized by the fear of both young people that their families will know their sexual orientation, because they fear being rejected.

Team photo of Arón Piper the elite cast:

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11Rebecah’s character in Elite

Rebeca, the character of Claudia Salas in Elite, has come to Las Encinas to revolutionize the reign of Lu (Danna Paola), who sees this “Princess Narco” as an intruder willing to take her the role she loves so much.

Claudia Salas en Élite
Claudia Salas en Élite

Rebeca stands out for coming from a different origin to the rest of his peers, and with the flag-by-flag screds, she claims her place after changing institute. It certainly represents a revolution.

12Georgina Amorós is Rebeca in Élite

Personajes de Élite Cayetana - Quién es Georgina Amorós en Élite
Georgina Amorós

Actress Georgina Amorós is one of the actresses who joins the Netflix series ‘Elite’. Funny, talented, and a career of the most varied at her young age, Georgina is the breakthrough star of Las Encinas. Want to know everything about the actress who gives Cayetana life in ‘Elite’? Read on and find out everything.

13Valerio in Élite

Jorge López en Élite
Jorge López

Valerio’s character in Elite has revolutionized the life of his sister Lu (Danna Paola), as both have very different characters, and often collide.

His character has allowed him to gain many friendships within the Encinas, although sometimes not everything is what it seems…

14Elite Characters: María Pedraza is Marina

Personajes de Élite Netflix
María Pedraza

One of Elite’s most popular characters (Netflix) is Marina (Maria Pedraza).

Who is María Pedraza?

María Pedraza is Marina in Elite. But the Elite actress you’ve seen in television and film in ‘The House of Paper’, ‘Love’, ‘If It Were You’ and ‘Toy Boy’. It also features the Netflix movie: ‘Who would you take to a desert island?’

Her character (Marina) in Elite – Netflix

The murder of Marina in Elite is the plot around which the entire Netflix series revolves. Elite plays from the first moment to offer us clues as to who The Killer of Marina is. Finally, in the last episode of the first season, Polo reveals himself as the assassin of Elite.

The other great story of Marina in Elite is her two-way romance with the García Domínguez brothers. Samuel and Nano will fall in love with Marina irretrievably as soon as they know her. And although Marina is at first interested in Samuel, it is finally Nano who manages to steal her heart. The couple in love will fight for their love, planning to escape together to Morocco in a plan that includes blackmailing her father and Clara’s father.

This is how María Pedraza was shown on the day of the premiere of the Netflix series:

personajes elite maria pedraza