Shock, fall in love and surprise yourself with the phrases of Euphoria, the HBO series that has broken all the molds in adolescent matters. Fresh, cheeky, raw and hurtful HBO Euphoria is a scathing and realistic critique of the surreal cosmos that surrounds teenagers’ lives. The series, rated by Leonardo DiCaprio himself as ‘incredible’ is the feeling of HBO. Therefore, to pay tribute to a series that brings the state of euphoria to the viewer, here are the best phrases of the Euphoria series.

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Euphoria HBO Quotes
  • A good day appears without a map or a compass and you must choose.
  • I promise you that if you can be a different person … I could.
  • The world becomes dark and nothing important except the person in front of you.
  • I am envious of your generation, you don’t care about the rules.
  • Whenever I feel good I think it will last forever. But it’s not like that.
  • Nothing is forever.
  • -I have an idea. – Should I be worried?
  • Do you think because I went to rehab and I’m clean?
  • Honey, take your time, you’re delicate.

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Euphoria HBO Quotes
  • – You are different. – I’ve changed.
  • I’m not saying I’m in love, only that I really like it.
  • I’m Rue and I’m addicted.
  • I owe it to everyone who wants to try and change.
  • – If someone hurt you they would probably kill him.
  • – You’re the sweetest boy I’ve ever met.
  • People are lost.
  • Nothing in the institute is eternal.
  • I have been very happy.

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Euphoria HBO Frases Temporada 1
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