The Netflix Elite series has become a revolution. Season 1 Elite is full of quotes full of morality, due to the cultural clash that exists between the different students of ‘Las Encinas’. Discover the best quotes below .

1. Elite Quotes (Netflix)

100 Quotes from the tv series Elite Netflix
  • Get out of there at once, because I need to hug you – Lu .
  • You’re not angry, you’re jealous – Carla .
  • We have always relied on good times and bad times – Lu .
  • There is no longer an ‘us’ – Guzmán .

My mother is a marquise winery and yours are two lesbians lined with money. You and I are anything but normal – Carla.

  • If I return it is without conditions. – Nadia .
  • You look like a 1999 soap opera heartthrob. – Lu .

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    • Sometimes I am too competitive. Although the prize is not worth it – Lu .
    • It is the fault of the one who killed her. From nobody else – Lu .

    I know it hurts a lot. I know because if something happens to you I die – Lu.

    • I like him a lot but I will never be able to be with him – Omar .
    • We’ve done things I’m not proud of – Polo .
    • Who am I to stand between you? After all, there was nothing between us – Lu .
    • If you do something like that again I swear that whoever kills you is me – Lu .

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2. Elite Quotes (Netflix)

100 Quotes from the tv series Elite Netflix
  • Where else do you want me to be? I need you. «No, I need you» – Lu and Guzmán .
  • Maybe I haven’t changed. Maybe it wasn’t me before – Nadia .
  • Don’t you realize how he controls you? «You prefer to control me, don’t you?» – Guzmán and Polo .

I don’t know yet who I am but I’m going to find out – Nadia.

  • From now on it’s going to be me – Nadia .
  • You are not a saint either. You undressed in my pool – Guzmán .
  • I went with alcohol and lost control because I wanted to gain strength to tell you that I like you – Samuel .

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3. Elite Quotes (Netflix)

100 Quotes from the tv series Elite Netflix
  • For you I have done things that I have shut up. And all for you – Polo .
  • If my father changes my school, it is precisely so that I will not see you – Nadia .
  • I am satisfied that you say nothing. Goodbye – Marina .

We are women and I don’t like men to play with us – Lu.

  • Guzmán is only interested because he has bet that he could make you lose your virginity – Lu .
  • Let’s go get them – Samuel .
  • Do you expect me to thank you for that? – Nadia .

4. Elite Quotes (Netflix)

100 Quotes from the tv series Elite Netflix
  • I don’t have enough confidence that someone can like me just because of what I think or feel – Guzmán .
  • Press this button and travel wherever you want – Marina .
  • Have you been hurt by 40,000 euros? In the real world, people kill for less money, even if it’s just a calderilla for you – Nano .
  • The beers make my head go a little – Nano .
  • Thank you very much for the award, but I think someone else deserves it – Marina .

I have nothing to be proud of, so I take this opportunity to apologize – Marina.

  • Am I a challenge or a bet you have made with your friends? – Nadia .

5. Elite Quotes (Netflix)

100 Quotes from the tv series Elite Netflix
  • So low morale do you have to think I’m only with you for a bet? – Guzmán .
  • If I am a challenge for you is that it makes you impossible – Nadia .

Sometimes waiters are given a place at the table – Samuel.

  • You remind me of my sister, who left everyone with a broken heart when leaving home at age 18 – Nadia .
  • Maybe I am otherwise – Guzmán .
  • You are very good looking bad – Guzmán .
  • I want to go to your house. I want to bathe in your pool – Nadia .

6. Elite Quotes (Netflix)

100 Quotes from the tv series Elite Netflix
  • Do you know why I am the best? Because I never settle for – Lu .
  • I came to bring some glamor. Well, no. A ‘lot’ – Lu .

Today, who wants to be happy when you can be the best? – Lu.

  • I’m not leaving here without a fight – Lu .
  • How difficult is this woman. It’s going to cost you a little – Lu .
  • He wrote to me but he lacked the message to send … – Marina .
  • Have you read the notes? «I will wait for them to make the movie» – Samuel and Christian .
  • I’m your best friend since elementary school, moron – Guzmán a Polo .

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