At last! The reunion of Friends’ cast is now a fact. The reunion of the cast of Friends on HBO Max represents the most exceptional thing around Friends’ universe that is going to happen in the upcoming years. If you want to know everything about the Friends’ reunion of 2020 on HBO Max take a seat and find out how and when it will take place. Definitively, the grand reunion of the friends is here!

1Where can I see the Friends reunion?

Reunión de Friends HBO Max 2020

The Central Perk will reopen its doors to celebrate the reunion of the actors and actresses of Friends. But, where can you see the Friends reunion of 2020?

The reunion of Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer will make come true the dream to watch on TV Rachel Green, Chandler Bing, Monica Geller, Phoebe, Joey and Ross Geller again all together in the set of Friends.

The creator of this very anticipated reunion of Friends is HBO Max, which, as a celebration for the 25+ years of the TV series has scheduled a special episode. Fans all around the world will see their dreams come true, and the cast of the most successful show of the 90s will reunite again.

2What is the Friends reunion about?

Reunión de Friends HBO Max 2020

A disappointment for many, this exceptional reunion of the cast of Friends will not comprise a new episode of the TV series as we knew it.

It will reunite the actors of the show Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer in a program that will reveal the most remarkable details of the show (unknown so far).

3Back at Central Perk

Reunión de Friends HBO Max 2020

The decoration of the set of the special program of Friends on HBO Max will not be other than the one employed at the original TV series. Although HBO Max is in charge of the broadcast, the company WarnerMedia Group is also involved in this project.

And if the special is insufficient for you, maybe you will be interested in knowing that the 236 episodes of the series are also available in the streaming platform.

4Who appears in the Friends reunion?

Reunión de Friends HBO Max 2020

The special is not an episode of the TV series. It does not have a script, and it will feature the stars of the show, as well as the creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman.

Although other characters that everybody will expect are Janice (Maggie Wheeler) and Gunther (James Michel Tyler), two of the most beloved secondary characters of the NBC series.

5What is the salary of the actors of the Friends reunion?

Reunión de Friends HBO Max 2020

The Hollywood Reported revealed that, according to some sources close to the actors, all negotiated together and they will receive more than the double of their salary for the episodes of the original show, and they will earn between $2.5M and $3M for the special episode.

The cast renegotiated their salaries during the airing of the original TV shows to get an historical $1M per episode of this comedy.

6Behind the scenes

Reunión de Friends HBO Max 2020

The reunion is born with the objective to engage new subscribers, because it will be an exclusive service of the streaming platform.

An example of other similar strategy is that used by Disney+, which launched its streaming service with the very anticipated Star Wars The Mandalorian.

7The shooting of the reunion

Reunión de Friends HBO Max 2020

The special about the reunion of the cast will be shot in the emblematic Studio 24 at Warner Bros Studios in Burbank, where all the TV series was filmed.

Ben Winston will direct and produce, next to the creators of Friends Kevin Bright, Kaufmann and Crane.

8A well-kept secret

Reunión de Friends HBO Max 2020

The cast and the creators have remained extremely reluctant these years to develop a new episode of the show. However, NBC organized a mini reunion in 2016 as a hommage to the director and producer James Burrows, who is considered a legend by many.

In that reunion of Friends we could see 5 of the 6 stars of Friends, except Matthew Perry. The actors of The Big Bang Theory also participated in the event.

Several years later after this sort of reunion, it was Jennifer Aniston the one who confirmed that they were ‘working on that, but we do not still know what or how it will be‘. Shortly after the rumor was a fact: the Friends reunion for 2020 was a reality.

We met David, Jennifer, Courteney, Matt, Lisa and Matthew for a special on HBO Max that will be scheduled with the original show altogether, and I guess that you could call this special as ‘the one where all were together again’“, asserted Kevin Reilly.

9Date of the premiere of the Friends reunion

Reunión de Friends HBO Max 2020

The premiere of the reunion has gone through several dates from the beginning. Although the special was announced for May (at the same time as the launching of the streaming service), the world crisis due to the coronavirus will delay the show until the normality is back.

Then, when will you be able to see the Friends reunion of 2020? When WarnerMedia Group arranges a new date.

10The ‘other’ reunion of Friends on Instagram

Reunión de Friends 2020

It might be true that the most epic reunion is that of HBO Max, but it is equally true that during the previous years we have witnessed several reunions among the cast of the series.

The reunion of the cast that broke the Internet was the one published by Jennifer Aniston in her Instagram account, when she decided to join the most popular social network in Hollywood.

Reunión de Friends 2020

Instagram was also the means for the actors to send comments full of love among them, and to share with their followers some of the most heartful reunions.

Reunión de Friends 2020 (11)

Courteney Cox has proved to be the most active of the cast of Friends on Instagram, and it is common to see her with her friends of the show.

Reunión de Friends 2020

The funniest moment of Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston on Instagram is the one where Cox decided to disguise as Aniston.

Reunión de Friends 2020The most anticipated reunion by the fans of Friends was the one where  Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry appeared on Instagram together again.

Reunión de Friends 2020

Instagram has also been the common place for several reunions of the actors that characterised Mónica Geller and Rachel Green.

Reunión de Friends 2020

The reunion that Courteney Cox defined as ‘strange’ was the one with Matt LeBlanc, Jennifer Aniston and the aforementioned ex wife of David Arquette.

Reunión de Friends 2020

The reunions we see the most are those with the girls of the cast: Cox. Kudrow and Aniston, friends forever.

Reunión de Friends 2020

One of the characteristics of all the reunions of the cast is that, in the end, all end up laughing and having a great time recalling the good old times.

Reunión de Friends 2020

However, some of the most heartful reunions are those held by the actors when they share some of their old photos.

Reunión de Friends 2020

What cannot be denied is that seeing Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow and Jennifer Aniston is a rush for the fans of the show, who receive with joy all the new reunions of the cast.