If you´re a fan of Friend you should know this fun Friends facts. They don’t know that we know they know we know. 

Fun ‘Friends’ Facts

The one where no one´s ready was completely filmed in Monica´s apartment?
Why? Because they couldn´t afford any additional sets or guest stars.

Fun ‘Friends’ Facts

In the Friends-spin off “Joey”, it is revealed that Ross and Rachel got married again after the show ended

Fun ‘Friends’ Facts

After Jennifer Aniston appeared naked in GQ Magazine, Playboy óffered Jennifer $4 Million dollars to do the same? And guess what? She refused saying…”GQ is ART, Playboy is SEX”.

Fun ‘Friends’ Facts

Joey has said his iconic catchphrase “How you doin’?” only 20 times in the series? Only 20!

The quirky gold frame on Monica´s apartment was originally a mirror that broke. When it broke they took the frame and they hung it on the door instead.

The term Friendzone was popularized in the episode The one with the blackout. It was when Joey told Ross that he´s the mayor of the friendzone because Ross had loved Rachel for so long.

Jennifer Aniston dated Tatee Donovan (Joshua) for 3 years from 1994. They got engaged but they split thee same year he got a role on Friends as her boyfriend. And there were those who called Ross crazy!

Joey owes Chandler a lot, and I mean, a lot of money. How much doy you think? The estimated amount is one hundred twenty thousand and sixty american dollars. That´s a lot of meatball sandwichess.

The identity of the actor who played the ugly naked guy wasn´t revealed until 2016. Thanks to a Huffington Post investiggation, we know that Jon Haugen is the most iconic neighbour of Friends.

Thee Friends cast got paid $22.000 per episode in the first seeason, and in thee 9th season the actors got paid $1.000.000 per episode.

This was the first photo of the cast of Friends? It happened after filming the first season of Friends…

The photo was taken in an airplane because they decided to travel to Las Vegas Why? To have a crazy and wild time together before becoming famous. They came back later to this location to film Ross & Rachel´s wedding.

And THIS is the last photo after filming the last episode. If you pay attention you can see Courteney Cox pregnant.

All three of the fEmale Friends were givEn unconventional ways of pregnancy on purpose? Why? They wanted to spread the sOUSial message that
One, surrogacy, Two, being a single mother, and three, adoption, were all normal and that any birth is beautiful.

Matthew Perry actually dated one of Chandler´s favorite actresses?
It was Baywatch actress Yasmine Bleeth, back in nineteen ninety four, But later they broke up after a year and a half. No more Baywatch-Friends crossover.

Matthew Perry´s dad made a cámeo in season 4? Jon Bennet Perry played Joshua´s dad in the episode ‘The one with Rachel´s new dress’.

Courteney Cox is the only one in the Friends cast who didn’t receive an Emmy nomination for her work on the show. Even Christina Pickles, who played Monica´s mum, got a nomination for her guest role one year.

Everyone´s last name in the opening for the episode ‘The one after Vegas’ included the surname “Arquette”. They were celebrating the newlyweds for Courteney Cox Arquette, who got married in 1999.

Marcel was actually played by two monkeys: Monkey and Katie. Everybody loves these monkeys. But David Schwimmer hated that he ate worms on his shoulder between shots.

Many people, including Lisa Kudrow, thought that Chandler was… gay? And you?

Paul Rudd got the role of Mike after a casting director rote “dreamy” in her notes after his audition?

Lisa Kudrow hated the guitár at first. In fact, she suggested that Phoebe played the bongos instead. Thankfully, the guitar stuck.

Bruce Willis appeared on Friends after losing a bet. The bet was with Matthew Perry, his costar in ‘The whole nine yards’. Rumor has it that Bruce donated his money to charity.

Friends was supposed to have just 4 friends? And the cast was very different…
Jon Cryer or Jon Favreau were going to be Chandler
Tea Leoni as Rachel
Hank Azaria or Vince Vaughn as Joey
Janeane Garófalo or Leah Remini were going to be Monica
Eric McCormack was Ross
and Ellen Degeneres or Jane Krakowski were going to be Phoebe

Courteney Cox is two years older than David Schwimmer? But in the show, she was his little sister. Did you notice?