Descubre cuáles son las mejores películas Netflix 2019. Las mejores historias de Netflix cuentan con títulos como The King, Always Be My Maybe o See You Tomorrow, entre otras fantásticas películas Netflix. Si quieres saber cuáles son la mejores películas películas Netflix 2019 sigue leyendo, ponte cómodo y prepárate para un maratón de las mejores películas Netflix 2019.

1. Best movies Netflix 2019: The King

Best Movies Netflix 2019

This film lasts more than two hours, but they fly by, thanks to a good script, a quality bill and outstanding performances, such as Timothee Chalamet, star of films like Call Me By Your Name. He plays King Henry V, a monarch with a dark past and with very little interest in politics and succeeding his father. When the time comes, yes, it is transforming, becoming an honest and played king.

Interesting film that also features the performance of Robert Pattinson, the hero of Twilight.

2. Best movies Netflix 2019: Klaus

Best Movies Netflix 2019

The Christmas films are a delight to watch with the family and this one of animation, that arrives from Spain, shows a beautiful version of the myth of the Old Pascuero.

This time, a mailman is sent on a difficult mission to the surroundings of the North Pole, where he meets by chance a grandfather who is dedicated to making toys, in a town where hatred and bad vibes among neighbors is the daily bread.

The mailman helps the old man to distribute his creations, which will bring peace to the city. An allegory of how the Christmas spirit can relieve our hearts from the weight of resentment.

3. Best movies Netflix 2019: El Camino

Best Movies Netflix

It is what Breaking Bad fans were waiting for, because when the acclaimed series ended, many were gladly left, widowers of that magnificent production.

This film focuses on what happens to Jesse Pinkman, the crazy dealer of the series and one of its central characters, based on the events that occurred at the end of Breaking …

It is the path that this character undertakes to crack his life and solve his fears and ghosts. Mind you, because to understand 100% this movie you must have seen Breaking Bad previously.

4. Best movies Netflix 2019: Always be my maybe

Best Movies Netflix

The genre of romantic comedies has been revitalized thanks to Netflix, which occasionally takes out such tapes that are worth watching. This is the case of this, starring Ali Wong, one of the new comedy figures in the US, the same that lends its voice to one of the birds in the fun animated series Tuca & Bertie.

In this film, she plays a girl who leaves her hometown to become a chef of a certain reputation. Among the things he abandons is his best friend and almost boyfriend, whom he sees again after years. The spark between the two endures and hopes arise to restart the romance, but their lives are so different that this dream is in doubt.

It is a refreshing film that entertains and surprises with a hilarious and brief appearance of Keanu Reeves.

5. Best movies Netflix 2019: I am mother

Best Movies Netflix

This is a disturbing film that raises the possibility that in the not too distant future, and as a result of the extinction of the human race, robots reach such a level of sophistication that they can function as mothers.

Here, one of those robots is in charge of an impudent laboratory where thousands of human embryos are reserved. One of these «is born» and becomes an educated and obedient girl. That, until the place comes a woman who calls into question that obedience and the ability and goodness of that robot to raise and adopt the role of mother.

Excellent performances – among them the one of the two-time Oscar winner, Hilary Swank – and an intelligent plot support this film that keeps the attention of those who see it until the end.

6. Best Movies Netflix 2019: See You Yesterday

Two teenagers build a time machine to prevent the murder of the brother of one of them at the hands of the police.

Its mix between popular culture and intrigue seems tailored for Netflix millennial viewers. Eden-Smith takes possession of the work from the beginning to the surprising and ingenious end.
What starts as a tribute to ‘Back to the Future «ends up becoming a plea against violence.

7. Best Movies Netflix 2019: The laundromat

Best Movies Netflix 2019

This film is mostly a manifesto that, with irony and a cast of the first, intends to explain and warn about tax evasion and corruption.

Through a couple of lawyers, who in real life were the main defendants for the Panama Papers scandal, it shows how the mechanism works with businessmen, powerful and celebrities from around the world evading taxes creating offshore companies in tax havens.

The director Steven Soderbergh shows his position in this regard with momentum, as well as the actors who participate in this interesting film, starting with its protagonist, Meryl Streep.

8. Best Movies Netflix 2019: Murder Mystery

Best Movies Netflix 2019

For comedy fans, seeing Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston together is a delight. Here, they interpret a marriage that goes on vacation to Europe and that by chance of life ends up witnessing a crime on a luxury yacht.

As they become suspects, they decide to investigate on their own and find the culprit of the murder, which leads them to live crazy situations that take more than a smile.

A good title for those looking for some humor, a dash of romance and a touch of suspense.

9. Best Movies Netflix 2019: Dolemite is my name

Best Movies Netflix 2019

If you were missing Eddie Murphy, we tell you that the famous actor is back with this movie in which he pays a small tribute to Rudy Ray Moore, a comedian who stubbornly insisted until he could impose his humor, apricot for some , with the help of his funny alter ego, Dolemite.

A success of Murphy to interpret in a great way to Moore, who, in addition, was one of the precursors of rap. Entertainment and laughter assured in a film in which, in addition, acts Tituss Burgess, the unique Titus of the Unbreakable series Kimmy Schimdt.

10. Best Movies Netflix 2019: In the tall grass

Best Movies Netflix 2019

Another horror bet that comes to Netflix, this time based on a novel by the great Stephen King. Directed by Vincenzo Natali, the film introduces us to a couple of brothers who see their trip interrupted by the cries of a child.

Thus, they enter a large maze of giant grass, where they lose their way, get confused, despair and are challenged by unknown and terrifying forces.

An interesting movie of those that catch, especially lovers of this genre.

11. Best Movies Netflix 2019: The perfection

Best Movies Netflix 2019

It is far from being a good horror movie, but it does serve to have a good time. And is that The Perfection, the latest premiere of Netflix, touches the fiber just in the middle of the tape, when two cellists come together to take revenge on their former masters of the conservatory.

Of course, many strange things happen before that, including vomiting and a lot of blood. Everything, to give a touch of gore cinema to this film by director Richard Shepard.

In addition, in an hour and a half you can see the reunion of two former students who, unintentionally, fall in love and manage to break with the silence that had traumatized them for so many years.

12. Best Movies Netflix 2019: Dumplin

Best Movies Netflix 2019

Dumplin is the first production starring Jennifer Aniston for the streaming platform and is much more than a light comedy about a beauty pageant. In fact it hides a speech that does not jump at first sight.

The story centers on Willowdean (Danielle Macdonald), the daughter of Rosie Dickson (Aniston), a former queen and organizer of a traditional beauty pageant in a small town in Texas. But the story between the two is radically different. While Rosie is a sculptural former beauty queen who tries to give everyone a taste, her daughter Willowdean is obese but is kind and sweet to everyone around her.

Although Willowdean’s security begins to break when he feels the pressure to respond to those around him, including his mother, so he decides to register to participate in the beauty contest as a protest.

That is when this story of friendship, acceptance and trust begins, which clarifies that beauty has little to do with the physical stereotypes of bodies.