Test yourself with the best Dexter quotes, the series in which the phrases of the Dark Passenger by Dexter Morgan will make you rethink everything. The insurgent series Dexter is pure adrenaline and television impudence but, above all, it is a diversion not suitable for everyone. For all these reasons, it is recommended to travel with a Dark Passenger who, inoffensive, makes Dexter Morgan’s adventures more enjoyable with some of the best quotes of the forensic and subversive hero Dexter Morgan.

1Quotes from DEXTER

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Quotes from DEXTER
  • I am not a man, nor a beast. I am something completely new. With my own rules. I am Dexter.
  • I’m a good person doing bad things
  • Am I a bad person doing good things?
  • I have lived in the dark for a long time.
  • The body creates a scar to close a wound.
  • If God works miracles, the devil may also have a few tricks up his sleeve.
  • When something inexplicable happens, atheists become believers.

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Quotes from DEXTER
  • If you don’t believe in anything … who do you think of in these situations?
  • If I had a heart, it would break me now.
  • Everyone hides who they are at least some of the time.
  • Sometimes you bury a part of yourself so deep that you need to be reminded that it is there.
  • Through the years, my eyes got used to the dark until it became my world and I could see.

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Quotes from DEXTER
  • None of us are who we appear to be on the outside, but we must keep up appearances to survive
  • I see your pain. In a way I can even understand it. What I can’t do is feel it.
  • My sister puts up a barrier so the world doesn’t see how vulnerable she is.
  • Love defies reason.
  • If you believe that God works miracles, you should wonder if Satan doesn’t have a few tricks up his sleeve.

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  • This woman sees me. She doesn’t know, but she’s looking behind the mask, and she doesn’t turn her back on me.
  • Everyone and everything we touch changes in some way but changes are never what we expect.
  • Sometimes you just want to forget who you are.
  • Everybody has something to hide.
  • In a second everything can change.
  • My best feat is ridding the world of you.

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  • You should be more sensible about the future, what you can believe is in the present, right now.
  • I put up a barrier so that the world does not discover how vulnerable I am.
  • I have lived in the dark for a long time. Through the years, my eyes got used to the dark until it became my world and I could see.
  • I see plastic curtains in your future.
    Friend, brother, boyfriend: All part of my costume collection.
  • It’s strange to have a creature out there, a mutilated version of yourself, uncontrolled and ruining everything. Is this how parents feel?
    I am a paradox in person.
  • No one deserves to die, but there are some who do not deserve to live.
  • Doing good works, earning points with God. You and I got out of that point system.

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  • Give sugar and saturated fat to a child and he will be your friend forever, with adults it is more difficult.
  • Every contact leaves a trace.
  • If I play a role long enough will it become real?
  • Life doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be lived.
  • The night, good for the hunter, bad for the prey.
  • There are no secrets in life, only hidden truths that lie beneath the surface.

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Quotes from Dexter New Blood
Quotes from Dexter New Blood
  • Halloween, the one day of the year that everyone wears a mask except me.
  • There will be people who will consider me a fraud, I prefer to consider myself a master of disguise.
  • People find it fun to dress up as a monster.
  • I … I spend my life pretending that I am not a monster.
  • When some elements come together they create a reaction that cannot be reversed, it transcends chemistry. Is this how love feels?