The actress performing Carla from the TV series Elite (Netflix) has come to be one of the most glamorous women of the Netflix universe. Ester Expósito reveals her gorgeous figure with incredible photos and selfies in crop tops, bikinis, at the beach or in the bathtub. Also dancing reggaeton or in pics where only the foam covers her body… And many other photos where she definitely strikes us with her hottest, sexiest and most sensual side. 

And all that without losing her feminist essence of a empowered woman, confident, proud of her body and with lots of personality.

1Carla from Elite gets naked in her hottest picture


The character performed by Ester Expósito in Elite (Carla) started very hot in the first season with this nude in a spicy scene with Polo (Álvaro Rico) and Christian (Miguel Herrán).


But… would Ester Expósito get naked for a magazine? The actress from Elite provided a direct answer, and she said she would never get undressed for the media when she was asked in an interview.


In the first season of Elite, Carla held a romance with Polo (Álvaro Rico) and Christian (Miguel Herrán).


2Ester Expósito in the bathtub


Ester Expósito does not only uncover her soul in the TV series, but she fights to appear as a empowered woman with lots of personality.

3Ester Expósito dances reggaeton in a video

The actress has displayed in several occasions her love for reggaeton, because it is her favourite music. Hence, she does not miss the opportunity to dance with the rhythm of the music at every party (even staying at home in quarantine).

4Ester Expósito and her sporty side

5Ester Expósito with top

6Ester Expósito on holidays in Tulum, México

Ester enjoyed nature in her trip to Tulum.

7Ester Expósito on holidays in Tulum, México (II)

8Ester Expósito doing sport

10Ester Expósito doing some sport

11Ester Expósito in a deck chair

12Ester Expósito in the swimming pool

13Ester Expósito in underwear

14Ester Expósito in a bathrobe

15Ester dressed for a party

16Ester Expósito, on holidays at the beach

17Ester Expósito, sunbathing in a boat

18Ester Expósito, ready to go to a party

19Ester Expósito wearing jeans and a Vogue T-shirt

20Ester Expósito at a hotel

21Ester Expósito in a sexy top

22Ester Expósito playing tennis at the beach

23Ester Expósito, one of the most desired influencers

24Ester Expósito, in underwear at bed

Ester Expósito se desnuda - Fotos de Ester Expósito hot

25Ester Expósito with shorts

Ester Expósito se desnuda - Fotos de Ester Expósito hot

26Ester Expósito is the queen of the parties

27Ester Expósito at a photocall

28Ester Expósito, ready for a party

29Ester Expósito attends a music festival with a friend

30Ester Expósito advertising clothes

31Ester Expósito: her funny side

32Ester Expósito in a selfie

33¿Would you undress for a magazine?

Keep on watching and find out the response of Ester Expósito when asked about getting naked for a magazine